Present to myself

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend out in Farwaniya. We went after our class at the gym (12-1) and arrived around 1:30pm. On most days this would have been fine but yesterday was Friday. In Islamic countries Friday is the day of prayer. There are special services held at the Mosque. Because of this Friday in Kuwait is like Sunday in the western world. Most shops and things are closed to allow people to go to prayer. They do not open up again until around 4pm.

So we wandered around to see what was open. We found a few small places but nothing we wanted/needed/were brave enough to go into. Instead we found a McDonald’s and sat and ate and chatted.

Eventually we were on the move again to find the stores that were opening up. My friend was looking for a nice, simple dress to wear to a friends wedding. She found one at a mall that was almost entirely dress shops. There were a few places for shoes and a few for accessories but 75% of the stores in the 4 story mall were little dress boutiques. Very fancy places with curtains across the door for privacy. Oh Kuwait.

I was searching for something more specific.

I received my confirmation from the dive company I am using in Oman and received an email with my voucher. I knew that I wanted a camera to take with me underwater. I have wanted one since my dive buddy in the Philippines brought his GoPro. This a video camera that can take still shots and time lapse shots and comes with a housing that allows it to go to 40m (131feet) deep, which is the limit for recreational diving.

So we found an xCite, the big electronics store in Kuwait, and priced it out. It was more expensive in Kuwait, things almost always are, but only by about 50$. I bought it and brought it home and I can’t wait to get to take it on vacation with me so I can take some video’s while diving and show people how amazing it is when you can see the sights below the water as well as above.

Once I’ve had a chance to use it and get a feel for it I should be able to post about what I think.