Em*bare*assing moment in Oman

I’ve had a good few days diving in Oman so far. The visibility has been low because of rough seas but the water was warmer than I expected. I’ve seen lots of fish and some eels and even a turtle today.

The thing about dive boats and rough water is they bounce on the waves and if it’s not bolted down it’s likely to fall down. This even stands true for doors. I went to use the boat’s toilet and then the last people were gathered safely onto the boat and it took off into the rough waves. Well the toilet door bolts but only from the outside. This is a horrible design flaw on someone’s part. I tried to hold to door but with the bouncing I couldn’t do two things at once. So the door flew open while I had my pant’s down not once but twice.

After that the dive master was kind enough to bolt the door from the outside for me. Also the others on the boat were able to learn from my mistakes and have someone close the door properly for them.