Next Trip

It took me quite awhile to get everything figured out for my next adventure. We have a 4 day weekend next weekend but I have decided not to travel and to take the time to relax and clean house. That means that the next time I travel will be our spring break in April.

I will head to Greece for a week. It’s not as much time as I would like, but I can always go back again later to explore more islands and the northern area or Greece.

I arrive late at night, just in time to get to the hotel. The next day I will have time to explore Athens.
After I will take a day trip to Delphi and a very late flight to Santorini.

I have 3 full days to enjoy on the beach and scuba diving in the caldera. Then it’s back to Athens for one more day and back to Kuwait. After April we will only have about 8 more weeks of work, but only 5 or 6 more weeks with the students.

I have two weeks in June where I have time to travel before meeting my parents in Ireland for a two week driving tour of the island and Scotland. Also there will be some time for Golf at The Open in Troon, Scotland.

Check out my hotels in Greece.