Netflix and Chill

I have lost a lot of the TV I have been watching recently because Netflix has gone through will blocking proxy and VPN IPN’s. This means that to watch Nexflix I have to watch the programming that is provided to residence of Kuwait and let me tell you it mostly sucks. Due to the uninteresting supply of television shows at my disposal I have moved onto documentaries.

This sucks because it tell me about all the bad things that happen, like the Cash for Kids scandal that had a juvenile judge sending children to detention centres in return for 2.1 million dollars. These were kids that had gotten into school yard fights and with no priors ended up locked away for years.

I watched Cowspiracy about how cars and oil are not the biggest polluters on earth but how the cattle industry is. And how they have people sent to jail, defamed, or killed in order to silence them. About how cows use and pollute more water then fracking or tar sands or then entire oil industry combined. It tells about how big groups like Green Peace and Oceania are probably being given large donations from cattle lobbyist to not say anything. So now after 4 years of being an omnivore it’s time to cut beef and beef products out of my life. I don’t know how I’ll say goodbye to so many yummy cheeses and only live on goat cheese.

I watched a documentary about the ”Fast Fashion” industry and sweatshops in SE Asia. It included events like Rana Plaza where a building that had been pointed out as unsafe by workers but ignored by management collapsed killing 1,200 garment workers and injuring countless others. It talked about how when people protest and try go have standards set, like a wage of 160$ a month, the governments respond with police and live fire. They would rather kill people than raise their wages. It talked about the tens of thousands of people who die in Texas cancers from cotton farming and the horrible chemicals used (roundup) because entire fields are sprayed instead of weeds. So now it’s fair trade organic cotton clothing.

I hope that I can return to Canada soon and go back to pointless television like Extreme Houses and House, M.D. On Netflix and not have to keep watching documentaries (and also lots of children s movies).