Girls, Beautiful Even When Blank

Tomorrow my boys are promoted from grade 1 into grade 2. They sing a song in Arabic and then recite a poem in English. After they get their promotion certificate and any honours they may have earned. In total 6 classes of grade 1 boys are being promoted, or roughly 150 students. So much chaos to control during the ceremony.

Today I began to get ready for the ceremony. For me this means taking the blank canvas that is me and beginning the transformation. Three hours in the salon to have my hair curled and then pinned so it’s fresh tomorrow. Then a manicure and a pedicure, being extra careful not to mess it up to bad. Let’s face it, I’ll always touch something and mess my manicure. Today I was barely out of the salon when I need my house keys and messed up my nails digging in my purse. Luckily they were wet enough I could mostly push them back into place.

Tomorrow I put on the new dress and the painful shoes. Then I have a friend do my make-up because I am not as skilled at it. I wear my contacts so the pictures aren’t messed up by my glasses. I take all this time and effort to adorn myself in all the things that society tell me I need to be beautiful.

Let me tell you though, this will be the second time all year I put in my contacts because I love my glasses. It’ll be maybe the third time I wear make-up this year and the first time at work. I can’t be bothered to get up early just to put something on my face I don’t think I need. I wear make-up when I feel like playing around on YouTube and get sucked into make-up tutorials and my make-up never looks like theirs.

People will tell you that you need make-up or to hide your grey hair. They will tell you to lose weight or to gain it. They will tell you to show less skin and then more. Industry thrives off women and girls never being happy with their body, clothes, life. Fuck them. I don’t buy a lot of make-up so I can save more for travel. I literally have items of clothing that I have been wearing more than 5 years. I wear hand-me down from friends and attend clothing swaps.

Sometimes I have a bad day and I wear the baggiest, shapeless clothes I can find. Other days it’s skinny jeans and crop top. Some day’s it no make-up, some days are lipstick days.

Do you. If make-up makes you happy embrace it (then come do mine). If you can’t be bothered to do it, don’t. Wear what makes you feel good, eat what makes you feel happy, and surround yourself with people who love you for you. Take chances and try new things. Meet new people and leave yourself open to change. Travel the world or travel your back yard.

You are a beautiful blank canvas waiting for colour. Paint the picture that makes you happy.