What is so difficult to understand?

In my travels I have been to many places where I don’t understand the language, or the culture, or the people. In every place though, I have found something that’s drawn me there. Maybe it was the art, the architecture, or the beach but there is something to love about every place I’ve been.

I’ve liked some more than others, some I’ve disliked almost everything but every place has value, history, and is important.

Just because I don’t know or like something doesn’t mean I have to hate it, I don’t have to fear it, I don’t have to try it, but I do have to accept that other people like it, want it, need it.

People and their lifestyles are the same way. Some aspects of gender and sexuality apply to me, some don’t. Some things I like, others I don’t, some I will never try, but I accept and even embrace that other people will have other opinions. With open and intelligent people you can discuss and debate and have fun with these differences. With hateful and fearful people you need to be careful.

In my circle of friends people fall along a broad spectrum. Some people are Bisexual, some are Heterosexual, some are Homosexual, some are Asexual, and some are Transgender. Each of my friends, and everyone else, has the right to live their life is a safe and happy manner. They shouldn’t have to worry about what bathroom they use, or going out with friends, or walking down the street, but many do.

Whether it’s a music concert, a gay club, or a elementary classroom people should be safe. What’s happening in America is appalling. I have trouble understanding how they can still be so pro gun. They need to wake up and realize that guns kill people, they are designed and made to kill people. Yes, people kill people but most don’t. Knives kill people but most just butter bread. Guns serve one purpose and that is to kill people.

When the right to bare arms was given to people there were no semiautomatic guns that could kill 50 people in a few minutes.

I hope that people can change the world for the better but I fear we will destroy ourselves instead.