I’ve spent the last 5 weeks on an amazing adventure that I will be adding to my blog in the coming weeks. Full of amazing pictures, funny stories, and some great family bonding.


For now though I am back at home in my childhood bedroom, it’s changed in the 10+ years I’ve lived away from home. New furniture, paintings, smells are only some of the changes. despite the changes it remains a sanctuary to me. A place I know I am always welcome. No matter how good or how bad things get in my life I know I am lucky enough to have a room full of memories and dog hair to go back to.

I use this room now to begin planning and preparing for what comes next. I could have stayed in Kuwait or I could have move on to a new country, where most of my worries about bills and housing are covered by my contract but I didn’t. I’ve taken a job in the school district where I grew up as a on-call teacher.

I need time to see if this is where I want to build my future. If I like small town life or if I yearn for city living or even the shores of some unknown far off country. I need time to see how much work I get on-call and if I can feasibly earn enough to live. I need to see apartments and rental suites. I need to get a phone, a car, a life. I need time to re-connect with old friends and make new ones.

I know that I can take all the time I need in my bedroom. A room that will always be home to my heart no matter how far away the rest of me may travel.