Summer Break and Summer Travels

Grad is over and grades are in, I survived the school year. Living in the Pacific Northwest the days are still a bit cool and not as sunny as I would wish but that’s okay because the count down is on until the next big trip.

I have managed to get mom and dad to some pretty amazing places, last year was a 2 week trip around the UK.

The year before we drove around Iceland for 10 days.

But I have wanted to take my dad on safari for 15+ years. This summer I finally get the chance. We’ve been planning for about a year and the final 7 day count down has begun. We will spend 24 hours in th air (3 flights; 1 hour, 15 hours and 8 hours) before landing in Johannesburg, South Africa. We will be met at the airport by our tour guide from Explendor Tours. Then we have an amazing 15 day tour planned. You’ll have to stay tuned to read all about it and see the amazing photos.

As I was writing this Mom came over to let me know that she had been in contact with the tour group to ask some final questions and see how many people were going to be joining us on our tour. She is very excited because the answer to that question is 0. It will be mom, dad, myself, the guide, and his wife. That is all. Very excited to get to go on what is now a private tour.