Khama Rhino Sanctuary

We arrived in Johannesburg very early after almost 40 hours of travel. Luckily we were met by our tour guide Stephen, from Expelendor Tours, and his wife Emily. They loaded us up into the van and off we went.

Our goal for the day was to cross the boarder into Botswana and reach Khama Rhino Sanctuary where we would have our first game drive to encounter animals before staying on the property for the night.

The first animal we ran into were Impala. We soon came to learn that these guys are everywhere.

We saw these two, a Tsessebe bull and a female.

Sticking with more antelope we some Kudu hanging around.

Mom’s favourite animal is the giraffe. Some of them are easy to spot, others like to hide themselves in the trees. We were very excited to see some young with different journeys of giraffes. That’s right, a group of giraffe is called a journey.


Driving along the road we spotted our first Rhinos. Lucky us, even better was getting to the watering hole and finding a whole family.

We saw some other animals around the watering hole too.

After leaving the watering hole we found some wildebeest. These guys don’t care about the car at all. It was our job to go around them.


When we were headed back to the camp when we scared (and were scared by) a rhino in the bush.


When we arrived back in camp we were drop off in front of our chalet. We weren’t the only people there.

The game drive was an amazing introduction to Africa and the wildlife that still roams despite all the struggles they face. At Khama the chalet was comfortable and the staff were friendly and helpful. It is a great place to stay and a good chance to see elusive rhinos. Khama like many other places has a campground, if you want to travel on more of a budget.

See what the inside of our room looked like at YouTube.